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Aloe Vera hair mist


Aloe Vera hair mist make your hair moisturize

soften, and strengthen while making your hair smell amazing.

Recipe for Aloe Vera hair mist:


Fresh aloe juice

Spray bottle

Boiled lemon water 250 ml (slices of one lemon)

Vitamin E cap 3-4 cap

Step 1: prepare one cup of boiled lemon water-250ml

Step 2: add two tablespoons of sugar and stir in lemon water

Step 3: add one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel

Step 4: squeeze 4 vitamin E capsules in the water

Step 5: add 10 drop of the fragrance

Step 6: bottle it

This mist will last about 1 week . If you want to keep it longer, put the mist in the refrigerator.

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Here is the link to watch from video


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